Therapies & Fees

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Behavioural Management Therapy   

£55 per 50minute session


Do you suffer with eating disorders, self harm, OCD, addictions or other destructive behaviours? Do you want to make a change but continually find you are compelled to return to your unwanted behaviours. 

We can help you understand why the compulsion is so strong and devise a treatment plan to help you take control and reduce that unwanted behaviour.

Behavioural Paediatric Therapy   

£55 per 50minute session


Does your child suffer from inappropriate or extreme behaviours or negative thoughts and emotions? 

Are you and your child finding parenting to be harder than anyone ever warned you it would be?

Our paediatric package will uncover why these behaviours or thoughts are occurring and help you and your child implement a bespoke treatment plan to help you all you all make the positive change your family needs.

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Behavioural Cognitive Therapy   

£55 per 50minute session


Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, trauma, imposter syndrome or any other negative thoughts and emotions?

Working together we will discover the underlying factors that maintain these symptoms and using an individualised behavioural treatment plan makes changes to help you live the life you've always wanted to.

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School's Bespoke Behavioural Package  



Are you an educational, social care, legal professional or parent who's student/child is struggling with their education?


From persistent non-attending, self-harm, challenging behaviours, toileting challenges to basic skills acquisition we have a behavioural approach that can help you achieve your next step goals.

Our package is specifically designed around the needs of every student but will include,

- Consultations.

- Observations.

- Behavioural targeting.

- Data collection and analysis.

- Bespoke behavioural treatment plans.

- Implementation and integrity assistance.

- Written reports to aid and support full accountability.