Jason is highly professional and explains things well. He listens carefully and is very analytical in his approach really getting to the heart of the issues and supporting you to plan realistic actions that make a difference. I would highly recommend CBT and particularly Jason.  (E, August 2020)

I was a little reluctant to access the therapy sessions at first as I had several sessions previously with another therapist and I did not feel that they were beneficial. However I instantly felt at ease with Jason and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt opening up to him. The sessions themselves were very beneficial. We talked through practical strategies to help me with my anxiety and negative thoughts. It was really useful to have tactics to manage these things and I now feel far more prepared for when these moments arise. I would recommend this service to anyone who is struggling.  (C, November 2020)


After years of silently suffering with anxiety where I thought I could just deal with it on my own, it developed into panic attacks and started to significantly impact my life. I contacted Jason at the Behavioural Therapy Clinic and from the outset, he was supportive and empathetic. Through my meetings, Jason was a great listener and explained everything in such an easy and understanding way that helped me take practical action and take control of my anxiety. I felt I could open up and speak honestly and Jason helped me realise the progress I was making and ensured I reflected on that too. I genuinely felt sad to say goodbye at my last session and can’t thank him enough for the support, encouragement and tools he has left me with to help me in the future. (L, December 2020)











Jason is always calm, patient and understanding. He explained things succinctly and ensured I had full understanding. He has helped me address and overcome an issue that has affected my life over a long period of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason to any friends or family. (B, January 2021)

I started with Jason back in September when I was unable to control my anxiety and cope with work, studies and personal life challenges. After a couple of months I found myself more confident, calm and brave to let go of things that I should have done years ago. I made myself a priority and I am now the one to "put my own oxygen mask first " in order to take care of my own clients and the people I care about. Jason has unique ways to empathise and help everyone asking his help. His treatment was definitely my best investment in myself. I couldn't recommend him enough. (M, February 2021)

I was a bit hesitant at first to try a different kind of therapy process having tried other ones previously and not seeing any progress. Jason has helped me to overcome my issues and has helped me to better understand the behaviours of myself and others that have been causing me many years of upset. Jason has been supportive, calm and has a broad knowledge and understanding of how to deal with things and the steps I can take to help work through and overcome them. He actually listens and has helped me to identify causes and the ways in which I can work through them to understand and process them better. His methods of work will be something I continue to work on everyday to allow myself to live a more happier life. I'd urge anyone who is struggling to get in touch, if you're like me and you don't see how you're life can become a positive one again, as I never thought I'd be able to. (C, March 2021)




























Jason is very insightful, he listens, makes me feel heard, and encourages me to dig deeper, gently peeling back the layers to get a look at the reasons behind the choices I make. The sessions are really balanced between talking and listening and I have be given tasks to do every week, which I appreciate is an important part of the healing process. Jason has shown me how to accept the things I can't control and how to cope and find positivity in everyday life. I feel so much happier in this present moment due to his support and guidance. (September 2021)

Jason’s support has been such a positive influence for us - providing engaging and positive focus to support our son. He has a professional, friendly nature which helped our son to open up to him and develop a trusting relationship immediately. (September 2021)

Jason is a very dedicated and caring practitioner who will go above and beyond the therapy sessions to make sure the client is well and safe. His service is very effective and clearly states what can be realistically achieved within the given sessions. Jason is a very knowledgeable and professional practitioner which makes you feel that you are in safe hands. I would be very happy to recommend Jason to friend and family. (September 2021)